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Libby, Montana is your gateway to the Kootenai River Valley in beautiful northwest Montana.

The Libby Area Chamber of Commerce promotes economic and community development by connecting area residents and visitors with local businesses and opportunities.

Connect with Businesses

While the people of Libby, Montana are committed to preserving its roots in traditional industries like mining and logging, Libby is successfully transitioning to a more service-based economy built around tourism and recreation.

Libby is not just a town. It’s a home where warmth, safety, and reliability attract people of all ages. Here you will find intelligent, educated, hard working people and a workforce of energetic, creative individuals of all skill levels - each in pursuit of capturing the same pioneering spirit that settled in this area over 100 years ago.

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Experience the Community

From the beginning of time, Libby residents have been known for their generosity and genuine, friendly hometown attitudes. We invite you to discover not only the diverse outdoor recreation, the well-preserved natural treasures and attractions, our cultural and historical heritage, but also the drivers behind the thriving hometown businesses and the many organizations that band together with a shared sense of pride that secures a promising future for the community.

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